Rojak Life: Panas Atau Sejuk

Rain or shine, when it's time to take out the trash, it IS time to take out the trash.

Rojak Life: Panas Atau Sejuk

She has been drawing for fun to capture scenes of everyday life of an ordinary person. She is raring to put out more comics while learning digital illustration on a second-hand iPad.

Delima's art style is influenced by Lat, a prolific Malaysian artist, and Gila-gila, a popular humour magazines in Malaysia.

Her first episode of Rojak Life is a two-panel comic showing the difference between taking out the trash in Malaysia and Finland.

The weather conditions are almost polar opposites but we know life must go on and the trash needs to be taken out.

This comic perfectly encapsulates what the Rojak Life series is: an observation and celebration of everyday life's brightest and bleakest moments.

(click to enlarge each panel)

Malay vocabulary list:

rojak: a salad dish of Javanese origin

panas: hot

atau: or

sejuk: cold

sampah: trash/rubbish

masih: still

kena: must

buang: to throw away

cuaca: weather