What is Omerimbun?

Do you know what Omerimbun means? It is a special word that encapsulates the feeling of learning and growing. We made it up, because why not?

What is Omerimbun?

This website was started in 2020 as a passion project by three cikgu (teachers) who felt that there was a lack of educational Malay language resources in English online. We know there are many people who are trying their best to learn this language. Some of you immigrated to Malaysia and fell in love with the multicultural life, some of you are learning Malay at universities all over the world, and some of you are curious linguistics enthusiasts who are intrigued by bahasa Melayu.

Now, in 2023, we are improving the website and starting our journey of obtaining financial support for our writing, illustration and teaching work on Omerimbun.com. Do not worry nor fret, we will still be releasing free grammar guides for our lovely readers. We are just adding new paid features, namely an advanced level choose your own adventure game (hosted here on this site) and beginner level flashcard sets (hosted on Quizlet).

Thank you to all of the early readers and supporters; we will always appreciate you and do wait for some goodies coming your way. To the new visitors; we say "selamat datang." We hope you enjoy your stay here and do consider subscribing to us so you can get the latest updates.

Also, semoga berjaya (good luck)!