3 essential Malay phrases for Ramadan

What do you say to people who are fasting this coming Ramadan? Get a quick rundown on how to do this in just 1 minute.

3 essential Malay phrases for Ramadan
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Ramadan is coming soon, so get ready to get some smiles when you show off your Malay language skills using these phrases. 🤭

selamat berpuasa: happy fasting/Ramadan mubarak

Use this greeting face-to-face and in group chats just when the month of Ramadan is starting so you can wish your friends and family an enjoyable month of fasting.

selamat berbuka puasa: happy breaking fast/happy iftar

Say this out loud right before sunset when office hours are ending to wish your co-workers a nice meal at the end of a fasting day.

bulan puasa: fasting month

You will often hear this because bulan puasa influences everything in Malaysia; school schedules and activities might change, work hours might be shifted earlier, and restaurants could open later.

How do you say "breaking fast" in your culture?