What is my Malay language level?

Figuring out your language level is important to start learning and find the next step in your Malay learning journey. Take this free quiz.

What is my Malay language level?

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Good job on answering the quiz! So, which words did you know? See the guide below to estimate what your Malay skill level might be.

📃 BASIC - I don't know any of these words

If you know none of the words, welcome to your language learning journey! Start by reading this guide:

How to learn Malay
...here are a few tips to equip yourself with tools to learn Malay!

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✏️ BEGINNER - I know 3 words

If you know 3 words, nice! You remember some of the most important words in Malay! You can continue increase your vocabulary by accessing Omerimbun's flashcard bundle designed for beginners:

Malay Flashcard Bundle - Dari rumah ke sekolah

"At Home" + "Getting Dressed" + "At School" = 30 hours worth of practice


📚 INTERMEDIATE - I know 6 words

If you know 6 words, well done! You know and understand many intermediate words in the language! To improve your reading comprehension, you can try reading some articles like this one:

How to vary your very
Do you want to express how much you like nasi lemak? You can say “sangat sedap”! But what if it doesn’t have much taste? Read and find out how.

⚡ ADVANCED - I know 9 words

If you know and understand 9 words, congratulations! You are probably well-read and make great effort to improve your language skills. You have the potential to write well in Malay. Try improving your comprehension skills by reading this game review:

Ulasan “Among Us”
Want to improve your Malay reading comprehension? Try reading this review of Among Us in Malay, and spot how the new vocabularies are used in-text.

🎓 NEAR-NATIVE - I know all of the words

If you know all the words, you would need a tool where you can advance to being able to speak comfortably and read Malay texts while understanding the sentences. Stay tuned as new advanced content is being prepared for speakers at your level.

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Authored by Cikgu Ain